Corps Commanders Conference expresses serious concerns over ‘false’ news story


RAWALPINDI (Parliament Times) – Chief of the Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif on Friday has presided over a Corps Commanders Conference which expressed serious concerns over “false and fabricated” news of an English newspaper published last week that allegedly rendered national security vulnerable.

The meeting declared the news report anti-national security of Pakistan, the Inter-Services Public Relations of the military reported.

The participants reviewed the internal security situation of the country among discussing different issues of national importance including preparedness of the military to counter any offensive and unequivocally refuting Indian claim of surgical strike.

The attendees agreed that Indian claims were a tactic of Indian government to sway global attention off Kashmir issue and atrocities committed by Indian forces there.

Any aggression against Pakistan would be retaliated befittingly, the meeting reiterated.

The meeting of the army commanders has come in a week after Cyril Almeida, a journalist affiliated with an English newspaper published a story that the government denied thrice.

The story claimed to have revealed the behind-the-curtains of a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) presided over by the Prime Minister and attended by top military leadership.

The published content grew to become objectional to the government and the military alike as it referred to a confrontation between the two leadership over a sensitive issue.

Some defence and security experts have decried the incident by taking issue with the timing of the news story as India-Pakistan terms have worsened in the last month over a terror attack and then cancellation of 19th Summit of SAARC.