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Trump’s presidential car is actually a tank-like Beast

US President-elect Donald Trump’s state vehicle – a Cadillac One that is more of a military tank than a car – will be officially unveiled on the Inauguration Day, January 20. Called the Beast, it sucked up $15 million from parent company General Motors to be modified, and is quite befitting for a business tycoon like the incoming head of state.

Despite its stretched frame, the limousine is similar to Cadillac Escalade sedan in terms of appearance. Its interior is completely sealed, with 27-centimetre-thick doors that pose competition to Boeing 747 jet’s doors in weight, and can house seven people. Aluminum, titanium, and ceramics have been amalgamated to construct its body structure, making it stand tall at over six feet.

In order to make it secure from below, its underside has a steel plate to act as a buttress. Its tyres, which boost steel rims strong enough not to hamper driving even if they are damaged, are resistant to punctures, regardless of whether it is shards, sharp stones, or debris from a potential attack.

The Beast is heavily armed, with a shotgun, night-vision camera, teargas cannons in the front, and extra weapons in the trunk. It is stocked with oxygen supple and an adequate supply of the President-elect’s blood for emergencies, making it an equivalent to the outgoing President Barack Obama’s 12-car fleet – and probably even James Bond’s stylish rides.

Fuel tank of the customised Cadillac One is sheathed in armored plates, with foam to prevent it from catching fire at any cost. All of these additions make the Beast invulnerable to any kind of biological, chemical, poison, and other non-nuclear strikes as well as bombs. Only the driver-side window can be rolled down for interaction and toll-tax payments.

The tank-esque Beast, which can speed up to 95 kilometres per hour, is rumoured to have been updated with flexible suspension to avoid incidents such as the one in 2011, when a fleet car got jammed on a speed-breaker in Dublin. The President’s car is all set to accompany Trump wherever he travels, locally or internationally.

The impenetrable vehicle weighs approximately 4.5 tonnes, and according to the Sun, “will be built on the same Kodiak chassis as President Obama’s official ride.” Its communication system is linked to satellite for navigation and will let Trump always be in touch with the White House.

It is noteworthy that the Trump-Cadillac relationship hasn’t gone unnoticed, considering how the company built the American politician the first model from a then-new ‘Trump Series’ that made it appearance in the 80s. It is in this regard that the Beast might become a target of criticism.

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