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Safe city project inauguration

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated the multi-billion safe city project in Lahore after years-long delay. The first of its kind project of high-tech surveillance will help police ensure security monitoring of the provincial metropolis with the 8000 close circuit cameras. According to a report, the Safe City Project was completed in Lahore with an estimated cost of Rs12 billion. Automatic system of identification of vehicles number plats, E-ticketing, traffic signal monitoring as well as latest communication system have been set up in the system called the Punjab Police Integrated Command Control and Communication Center, also known as IC3. After the inauguration, the Chief Minister inspected various sections of the center. Also, he expressed his satisfaction over the provision of various facilities and asked the staff to work with more dedication. While addressing the ceremony, the Chief Minister said that Safe City Project is a milestone initiative for transforming the age-old police system according to needs and equipments of the modern times. Moreover, this project is very vital in maintaining peace through latest technology, provision of emergency services and elimination of terrorism, the CM said. Despite many challenges and impediments, this project has been completed in a record period due to the collective efforts of the Punjab government, Safe City Authority and Chinese company Huawei. This project has fully been made operational in five of the six divisions of Lahore while the work is going on in full swing in the sixth division which will become fully operational till the end of current month. The chief minister also congratulated the heads of line departments and their team members. Following completion of this project, Shehbaz Sharif said, Lahore will be included among the cities of the world where latest technology has been provided to protect the life and property of the citizens along with controlling the crime-rate. Due to the Safe City Project, composite strategy would be adopted with regard to traffic management, dolphin and healthcare of the citizens and the city comprising of more than 10 million people will become more peaceful and the business activities will be fully protected. He said that safe city will be transformed as the smart city in the coming days and for that purpose, it has been decided to constitute a high-level committee. Inauguration of the multi-billion safe city project in Lahore after long hiatus is a good development for Lahore. It is good that the government is utilizing modern technology for delivering better quality services to the people. The purpose of this project is to make Lahore a safe and peaceful city. We hope that the project will successfully complete its objectives regarding improved service delivery, good traffic management, monitoring of law and order and crimes elimination.

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