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Residents demand to shift buffalo sheds outside residential areas

Rawalpindi: (Parliament times) The residents of Mazharabad, Ghareeb Abad have expressed grave concern over growing number of of illegal buffalo sheds in the said area.
The residents of Mazharabad, a locality of Nasir colony, formally known as Ghareeb Abad said that owing to increasing number of buffaloes sheds in their area it has become difficult for them to take a sigh of relief.
Rafeeq, a resident told that he has had been living in this locality from the last twenty years but now people who have come shifted here established buffaloes sheds and they were running this business on commercial basis.
He said during the rainy days even if becomes difficult to walk in the street or go outside the home because of wastage. He said stink and wastage has made the lives of the area people as miserable. He said due to existence of buffalo sheds in the area people were facing various problems including environmental issues, besides causing skin related diseases among the residents.
Other resident of the area expressed same concern and alleged that authorities have turned blind towards their problems. They opined that it was responsibility of the civic authorities and local administration to take notice of the situation.
They demanded the authorities concerned to take notice of illegal buffaloes shed and also issued directive for shifting of these shed from the residential areas.

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