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Quality education to be accessible for all: President Masood Khan

Haveli:(parliament Times) Terming access to quality education as the right of every citizen the President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said that ‘we will ensure that the best education facilities are provided in AJK’.

The AJK President made these remarks while addressing a gathering at the inauguration ceremony of Poonch University’s sub-campus at Haveli, Kahuta. The ceremony was also attended by Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, Chairman HEC, Prof. Dr. Rasul Jan, VC Poonch University, Chaudhry Muhammad Aziz, Minister for Communications, AJK, senior political leaders and members of the civil society.
President AJK on the occasion commended the management of Poonch University and HEC for timely and effectively completing the establishment of the Haveli sub-campus. He said that University of Poonch has played a pivotal role in providing tertiary education in Poonch District and now the same opportunities will be provided to the people of Haveli.
Masood Khan said that the timely completion of the Haveli sub-campus proves that the government does not believe in making hallow promises and delivers on what it says. He added that soon Haveli will have its own University and groundwork has been initiated in this regard. This sub-campus, he said was the first of many educational and development projects to be introduced in Haveli.
Addressing the youth, the President said, “You are the future leaders of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. With quality education, we can shape the destiny of AJK and Pakistan”.
“Along with quality educational facilities, we will focus on inducting capable teachers and admitting students purely on merit”, he said. The President said that with the help of HEC we will ensure highest standards of higher education is provided at all Public Sector Universities in AJK. Masood Khan said that we need to develop our knowledge based economy in order to compete with global powers.
The President said that the present government is committed to the development and serving the masses.
The President announced that sub-campuses of University of Poonch and Mirpur University of Science Technology will soon be inaugurated in Abbaspur and Palandri respectively. “Access to quality education is a priority and we will establish Universities in all districts and sub-campuses in sub-divisions of AJK”, said the President.
The President said that the brave people of Haveli have incurred huge human and financial loses due to India’s unprovoked shelling on the LOC. “The AJK Government is in the process of preparing compensation package for the citizens living on the LOC”, said the President.
Referring to worst human right violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir he said that India was using illegal tactics in suppressing the freedom movement. “Since 1947, over 600,000 Kashmiris have been murdered mercilessly, thousands of women have been dishonored, countless young Kashmiris have been arrested and unmarked mass graves have been discovered”, he said.
“Our diplomatic, political and moral support will continue till our Kashmiri brothers and sisters are free”, said the President. He said that the right to self-determination is a fundamental human right and the UN resolutions calling for a free and fair plebiscite must be implemented in letter and spirit.
It may be recalled here that the Haveli sub-campus in its first year has initiated intakes in two disciples namely Computer Sciences and Education. Additional disciples are said to be added in the coming academic year.

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