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Preparation of various parties for upcoming general elections 2018-I

Abdul Rahman Malik
The Existing Circumstances are not conducive for any party as most of the main stream parties are in disarray .There seems to be no party that may be prepared to contest the upcoming Elections of 2018 with thumping majority.
Even the ruling Party Pakistan Muslim league (N) has been in disarray and disintegration after sudden disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Panama Papers Case and Hudaibia papers reference . He was disqualified after the Joint Investigation Report Submitted in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
The National Accountability Bureau was directed to file references against Ex PM Nawaz and His Two sons Hassan & Husain Nawaz , daughter Marayam Nawaz and His Son in law Captain Retired Safdar and Current Finance Minister Ishaq Dar -The Father in law of Nawaz’s Daughter . The Nab Court was tasked to decide the Case in 6 months and announce Sentence under said Rules.
In this connection , the Nab Court served Notices to PM Nawaz , his Two sons , his daughter Maryam Nawaz , His Son in law Captain Safdar and Ishaque Dar the Finance Minister in the Both Cabinets of Former PM Nawaz Sharif and Current PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.
The First Notices were not complied and none appeared before the court to prove their Innocence. after Serving the notices Twice , NAB Court convicted the Hassan ,Husain , Maryam ,Captain Safdar and Nawaz Sharif .
Due to defiance of notices , Court had Issued Non-bailable warrants of Nawaz Sharif’s Children and captain Safdar was arrested at the airport by the Nab authorities and later he was released on bail .
Ex PM Nawaz Sharif appeared in the Nab court and left for UK where his Wife Kulsoom was operated for Throat Cancer . According to his party Sources, he Will return to Pakistan in January next year. He has decided not to face the trial after conviction. Ex PM’s Daughter and His Son in law are facing Trial of Panama Papers and Mayfair Flats Issue. The PML (N) also seems to be disintegrated as there has been several intra Party differences specially the question of next party chief as Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif cannot become the party chief after disqualification by Supreme Court in Panama Papers case .
In addition ,the Senate has also passed resolution against its own resolution to stop the doors for the disqualified Person to head the political party as earlier the Ruling party had been successful to get the bill passed in Senate to pave the way for Nawaz to head the party . There are also family differences between two brothers i.e Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif as well . Nawaz wants his daughter to head the party whereas some want shahbaz as Party chief such a situation has further confused Sharif Family .
Furthermore , The arrest of Sharjeel Memon of PPP in 6 billion corruption case by NAB , has further affected the Pakistan People’s Party popularity among the people of Sindh as it has raised the eye brows of the PPP MNAs and MPAs to change their loyalties and get themselves as the Corruption of billions of rupees unfolds . The arrest has also sent shock waves to the PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali zardari to discuss the matter and get efforts to get him released from the NAB . PPP has been giving the impression that they have been targeted as NAB is aggressive Towards PPP and Flexible towards Nawaz Sharif and His family members. To some extent their opinion may have weight age as you all know that Nawaz and his family have been non cooperative with Accountability court proceedings even Nawaz Sharif himself absconding from the Trial proceedings against him and his family . To Be continued …….

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