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Preparation of various parties for upcoming general elections 2018-II

Abdul Rahman Malik
PPP’s state of affairs are further aggravated by Agha Siraj Durrani The Speaker Sindh Assembly who had insulted the Vote in a public gathering sparking a wave of protest against him through Social Media , Electronic and Print Media . People Expressed their anger strongly and condemned his remarks for the sanctity of Vote and its importance. People went to say that PPP has devalued their Vote mandate and they may face challenges in Upcoming Election of 2018 and when they reach out to the people again and seek votes for the candidates.
Even Party’s Co-Chairman Asif Zardari ,His Sister Faryal Talpur , and Awais Muzaffar Tappi are also facing corruption charges and soon may be booked for the cases pending against them Specially the misappropriation in Development funds , awarding contracts to Bahria Town and selling Properties of millions ,china cutting issues , Sale of Jobs and other cases . These high profile figures may soon be in the grip of NAB given to their cases sensitivity.
Thirdly , The Division of MQM into two factions i.e. MQM London and MQM Pakistan has further widened the political vacuum of urban politics as earlier MQM was the major party having urban mandate specially from Karachi and Hyderabad. The Division was caused by Altaf Husain’ Hate speech against Armed Forces and connections with Indian agency Raw which prompted action against the party’s working and the Rangers commandos Raided the MQM Headquarters situated at 90 and arrested several most wanted criminals and seized a large number of sophisticated weapons bullets and other explosive material . The Rangers had also demolished MQM offices and the encroached land was evacuated with help of Rangers. After such major offensive, MQM Pakistan was born headed by Dr Farooque Sattar. He reconstituted the Coordination Committee to escape action from Rangers.
The Division of MQM into Two factions i.e. London and Pakistan created disarray among the party and the old Party workers and candidates were divided some went in support of MQM London and Some supported the MQM Pakistan under new leadership i.e. Dr Farooque Sitar . The Division also created Space for Rebellious candidates to found a new party. The Ex Mayor of Karachi Mustafa Kamal returned in Pakistan after self exile and Established his own party namely Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) and contacted the old companions of MQM to join the new party as MQM was under the influence of Altaf Hussain .
Many Notable figures joined the PSP including Anis Kaimkhani, Raza Haroon ,Dr Sagheer Ahmed ,Waseem Aftab, Anees Khan advocateAfkhar Randhawa , Bilquis Mukhtar and Hundreds of MQM workers joined the New Party. The PSP has been termed as fastest growing New Party with many well known and veteran politicians are joining the party prior to Next General Elections of 2018. Although, the PSP has not fielded any Candidate for the either seats of Provincial Seats or National Assembly Seats as it has been newly established party but experts and political pundits are of the view that in Upcoming Elections it may have more seats from urban Population of Karachi and Hyderabad and May give a tough time to MQM Pakistan. The PSP is organizing its District Base throughout the Province of Sindh in order to get support from Interior Sindh.
The PSP has also organized biggest Public gatherings in big cities such as Karachi and Hyderabad and attracted huge number people. The party may take time to get deep rooted in mainstream politics.
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