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PML-N’s PM candidate Khaqan Abbasi meets Fazl

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader and interim Prime Minister candidate Shahid Khaqan Abbasi met on Sunday with Jamiat Ulema Islam Maulana Fazl-ur Rehman, where the two leaders expressed resolve to work together in future.

Following the meeting, the two coalition leaders spoke to media representatives.

PML-N’s Abbasi said that the ruling party has accepted the Supreme Court’s decision completely and carried out the implementation.

“We believe that the public haven’t accepted the decision, it wasn’t accepted internationally and will not be historically as well,” said Abbasi.

Abbasi, while referring to the JUI-F chief, said that Fazl and his party are supporting the ruling PML-N.

The PML-N leader said that holding an iqama is not a crime, adding that he believes that the legal interpretations these days vary to an extent.

Maulana Fazl said that his party is not supporting an individual or a party but the decision to support PML-N is for the country’s sake.

Fazl said that the coalition’s responsibility is to be supportive and save Pakistan from external conspiracies. He added that the journey to development will continue regardless of circumstances.

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