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Who Killed Lt. Ummer Fayaz

Muhammad Ali Baig
Is it that much easy to abduct a trained, qualified, skilled and a well-groomed Indian Army Officer? How and why India used or perhaps abused and exploited an expendable Muslim Kashmiri young man? Who are the main beneficiaries of Fayaz’s cold-blooded murder? Apart from Indian Army, who was aware that Fayaz had gone to his hometown to attend a marriage party? The Indian Hindu-media ‘made up story’ – if is considered true for a minute, is a serious question on the professionalism of Indian National Defence Academy where Shaheed Lt. Ummer Fayaz was trained and educated.
Lt. Ummer Fayaz aged 22, was an Indian Army Officer who graduated from the National Defence Academy, Pune Maharashtra, and was commissioned in the Indian Army in December 2016. Fayaz was among those energetic and optimistic Kashmiri youth who dreamt of a peaceful Kashmir and joined Indian Army – perhaps thinking that he and his family would be spared by the Army in its genocide against Kashmiri people. Fayaz was wrong – he was expendable and disposable. Fayaz was abducted in a pure and simple military-style – face covered, speedy and in a stealthy quite manner by the Indian Army and later his body was found on May 10, 2017. Lt. Fayaz’s ethnicity, Indian Army uniform and officer cadre were exploited and manipulated by the Indian Army and was sacrificed to pursue Hindutva – to inculcate Hinduism upon everyone in India and especially in Kashmir. The cold and zombie mindset of the Indian Army or probably Indian deep state not only killed Fayaz but to inflict fear and timidity upon the mental and psychological understandings of Kashmiri people – they mutilated Fayaz’s body.
The martyrdom of Lieutenant Ummer Fayaz was a false flag operation conducted by the Indian Army and was painted on Kashmiri freedom fighters – Hizbul Mujahedeen. Fayaz’s murder at the hands of the Indian Army included objectives such as a) to gain national and international support for covering up an organized Muslim Holocaust in Kashmir, b) to frighten and intimidate the Kashmiri people and youth in particular while forbidding them to join Hizbul Mujahedeen and other freedom fighters, c) to put the blame of unrest in Kashmir on Pakistan (as it was openly published in Indian media) and d) to unleash another wave of state-sponsored and Indian Army-executed terror campaign disguised as a reprisal for Fayaz’s killing. Indian Army is the chief architect, designer and executioner of Fayaz’s murder and is also the main beneficiary. Under the pretext of retaliation – the Indian Army has killed numerous unarmed and innocent Kashmiri Muslims.Lt. Ummer Fayaz and Burhan Wani are both victims of Indian Army’s atrocities and violence aimed at the Kashmiri people. The brutal and violent Indian Army killed Wani since he stood up against the illegal occupation of Kashmir by India. And again, Fayaz was slain by the same Indian Army for a number of concealed and disguised objectives. Fayaz will live on forever in the hearts and minds of every Muslim of Kashmir, Pakistan and India and will be remembered as an innocent martyr who sacrificed his life for Kashmiri Freedom Movement. His shahadat will further fuel the struggle for freedom of Kashmir from the vicious Indian clutches. Fayaz is not only a hero of Kashmir but a hero of Pakistan – since every son of Kashmir is a son of Pakistan. Fayaz’s last rites were performed in an ordinary and average manner – due to security reasons of Indian Army and a few people attended his funeral. Whereas, the funeral of Burhan Wani was attended by thousands if not millions – while defying curfew. If expendable Lt. Fayaz was that much dear to the Republic of India or Indian Army, then why not a single high ranking political and military official attended his funeral? If Kashmiri freedom fighters are that much able to abduct and kill Indian Army officers – then that day is not far away when they would abduct and kill the entire Indian Military Forces.

The Indian media has published a number of stories while tying the abduction and killing of Lt. Ummer Fayaz to the freedom fighters in Kashmir but the Indian Hindu-media ‘made up story’ has a weak script and has back-fired while unveiling the true hypocritical and deceitful face of India. Unfortunately, this drama took away the life of an innocent Kashmiri Muslim and deprived Uzma Jan and Asmat Jan of their only brother.

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