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India media misleads Indian masses about situation in Kashmir: AJK President

Rawalpindi: (Parliament Times) The President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan has said that Indian media is misleading its nation about the facts of Kashmir issue.
Addressing the students of media and social sciences at Bahria University in Islamabad today, he said that Indian journalists and anchors are presenting Kashmir issue according to the policy of their government which is baseless and deceptive. AJK President said on the other side, Pakistani media is supporting the right to self determination of Kashmiris and presenting the true picture of human rights violations in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
He said Kashmiris are sacrificing their lives from last seventy years to achieve their birthright, right to self determination and time is not far when they will the dawn of freedom of their motherland. Sardar Masood Khan said that solution of Kashmir issue lies in the aspirations of Kashmiri people.
Saying that people of India certainly not devoid of human values, president said Indian journalists and TV anchors twist the news about Kashmir that suits their national interests
leaving the Indian masses unaware of the ground realities and savagery of Indian forces. Contrary to that Pakistani media the aspirations of Kashmiri people and their demand for right to self determination. The Indian, he said project the Kashmir situation as an issue of law and order and brutalities of Indian forces against the innocent people as counter action against the intruders and promote the narrative of Indian government and, thus the real remain hidden from the world. The president praised the courageous and determined youths of who removed all the barriers and projected the Kashmir situation through social media.
He urged the educated youth of universities and colleges to project Kashmir issue in its real perspective through the social media. Replying to a question he said that India and Pakistan had fought three wars on Kashmir, people of Kashmir have been struggling for last 70 years and the dispute of Kashmir is still on the agenda of United Nations. These all factors indicate that Kashmiri people struggle is bound to succeed. He said that diplomacy is not responsibility of few diplomats are foreign office of Pakistan but it is collective responsibility of entire nation, media and Pakistani expatriate spreading all over the world.

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