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Global peace and security facing severe challenges: Maleeha Lodhi

New York : Pakistan’s permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York Maleeha Lodhi stated that an increase in number of permanent Security Council seats is against democratic principles and transparency.
This was stated in a statement issued on Wednesday. Maleeha Lodhi said that increase in permanent seats of security council is negation of democratic norms and transparency. .
Pakistani representative added that it is need to add more non-permanent members in the Security Council.

“An enlarged permanent membership of the Security Council would also compromise its efficiency and effectiveness”, she added.

The envoy criticised the position taken by a handful of countries demanding a permanent seat in the Security Council saying that these states seek a privileged and unequal status for themselves, anchored in power politics, which is in sharp contradiction to the democratic spirit of our times.
“Even more telling, while they remain firmly wedded to their own positions, they ask others to be flexible”, she commented.

Drawing attention of assembly to the growing and complex challenges to global peace and security, Lodhi said this warrants firm and clear action by the Security Council. An enlarged permanent membership, operating on the basis of the least common denominator, she said, would erode the standing of the Council, not strengthen its role, as some argue.

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