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CEOs of distribution companies under ‘strict monitoring’, says Federal Minister

The Ministry of Energy has issued a statement saying that “non-performing Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Distribution Companies (DISCOs)” shall be “shown the door if they fail to meet targets assigned to them in the next review meeting” which is to be held in December 2017.Federal Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Laghari has directed Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) (PEPCO) to set targets and “prepare key performance indicators to gauge the ability of the present CEOs of all DISCOs”.The statement was issued after today’s meeting in which CEOs of DISCOs were all present via video links. Senior officials from Power Division and PEPCO were also present.Laghari also directed PEPCO to write a letter to all the board of directors of DISCOs to “strictly monitor the performance” of the company and take “strong actions as per the existing rules” against all those who fail to achieve the set targets.“The dynamics of Power sector must change 180 degrees and it must change accordingly to the aspiration of the consumers,” the statement quoted Laghari. “Consumers service and facilitation is the central point of the CEO’s performance”.“No political, personal or other kind of influence will work any more,” Laghari informed all CEOs. He also added, “those looking towards such means should find some other venues.”

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