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Electoral reforms not for the masses

Mohammad Jamil ON Wednesday, the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms approved Elections Bill 2017 to be tabled in the National Assembly soon. Chairing the meeting of the committee, Minister for Finance Muhammad Ishaq Dar said: “The bill has been finalised in consultation with stakeholders, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and …

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Pakistan’s Bastille

Samson Simon Sharaf At a time when unprecedented (though long awaited) accountability of the ruling family of Pakistan is reaching its conclusive stage, an apparent polarisation of opinion makers is evident. On one side are the opponents of Sharif family in form of political parties, sub-nationalists, social and print media, …

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Textile industry under fire

Maqsood Butt The textile sector of Pakistan, which contributes over 50% to our exports, is undergoing such a nerve-racking period where only a person with a crystal ball can be expected to reasonably predict its trajectory. The four main sub-sectors of the textile economy i.e. cotton, spinning, processing and Apparel/Madeups …

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Raw deals and policy resets

Raza Muhammad Khan The psychology of outrage provides insight into why people get violent when something occurs that they perceive as unjust or inappropriate. Consider for example those states, that can’t curb crimes and whose citizens take the law in their own hands, to protect themselves or protest against the …

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Urgent need for electoral reforms

Adnan Anjum Incidents of violence, electoral procedural irregularities and politically intense campaigns marked the recent NA-260, Chagai-Nuski-Quetta and PS-114, Karachi XXVI. The electoral reforms’ issue remains on the back burner, even though the country witnessed post-2013 general elections tensions between the ruling PML-N and the PTI over results. International and …

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Muslims face intolerant Hindus

Kuldip Nayar GOVERNMENT officers after retirement take to sanyas, but some courageous ones have spoken against the intolerant society that India is becoming. In their open letter they say, “It appears there is a growing religious intolerance that is aimed primarily at Muslims.” Apparently, there has been no discussion or …

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