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Balochistan —- Heart of Pakistan

Muhammad Rashid Tabassum Pakistanis celebrated Independence Day with fully national and patriotic zeal. Independence Day events were organized in every nook and cranny of the country and across the world. Previously, not a single prominent event was organized in Baluchistan. This year the whole scenario seems changed. Especially, Balochi people …

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New Pakistan, Old Crisis

Maemuna Sadaf 2018 can be termed as the “year of change” in Pakistan. The election held in May 2018, are considered as best ever election in the history of Pakistan. Voter’s turnover was also better. In these elections, no cases of rigging are observed. The management and security were much …

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Independence Day celebrations and protests

By Maemuna Sadaf, Independence Day celebrations have started on 1st August and will continue till 14th August. The roadsides stalls are selling flags, badges, pictures of national heroes. Independence-themed designer outfits are made and sold. National songs are played on roadsides. Educational institutions, government, semi-government organizations organize seminars, sports competitions, …

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Sexual violence

Sadia Mazhar, “(Forms, Risks, Preventive measures, Recommendations and Conclusion)” Sexual violence occurs throughout the world. Although in most countries there has been little research conducted on the problem, available data suggest that in some countries nearly one in four women may experience sexual violence by an intimate partner , and …

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