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Articulated dynamics of Conflict in Jammu Kashmir

Muhammad Najib

Theoretical underpinnings of Conflict explored in academia are cognitive, emotional and behavioral. It is common conclusion of subject matter experts that presence of conflict is imperatively exists where the existence of humankind is there. It is primarily links with human emotions, thoughts and psychology. I would put forward to add that however, these human fundamentals are highly influenced during specific circumstances and the assessment of the dimensions might be envisaged on the basis of the peripheral circumstances. Wherein the conflict exists due to the human emotions, hence, there should be a manmade system to resolve the conflict for smooth, trouble free long run for future generations. It is understood that conflict is imperative but counter system must be engineered, framed for to resolve it with minimum time. However engineering of such system is not an easy task. A system is required to analyze, track and implement the arrangements to get the aftermath helpful for resolution of the issue. As always conflict is complex, made up of variety of dynamics. However, there are two major types of the dynamics which are linked with any conflict at macro level. First, the originals which were there when the conflict was born. Second, engineered by stakeholders allied with conflict. The second type is focused in this article.Moreover, these dynamics are articulated by the stakeholders to accomplish their own sphere of agenda. The dynamics are articulated and periphery is engineered in a complicated way so that a sense of creation of silver lining with every cloud is trying to be created. However, it is not beyond the anticipation that existence of conflict is being used as a source of business, personal projections, own agendas, armed sales and ultimately try to keep on persisting the existing root causes of conflicts to grab the continued aftermath from it.The issue of Jammu Kashmir is an oldest unresolved on agenda of UN. There are lots of potential reasons and causes which are hurdled to pave a path for resolution. Some are very common, apparent and well observed by the people of J&K. However, some are still in disguised and uncommon for the people. The article will try to unveil such engineered and articulated dynamics, which were not original or fundamental part of the J&K conflict but pampered during the course of conflict. The origin of JK conflict is linked with the division of subcontinent under British regime formula during 1947. The allied major dynamics were the water issue, boarder issue, religious issue and predominantly the accession phenomenon either with India or Pakistan. At second stage, the arrangements engineered by armed forces of both countries are in the mid phase dynamics which were known to the radical groups of India, Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir Civil society and political organizations. Such arrangements were also supported by world economic and armed equipped powers to sell out their arms and other daily life utilities. However, the third phase of the creation of articulated dynamics started in late eighties when people of Jammu Kashmir initiated the armed struggle to overrule the imposed dynamics. This was the point of time when a plinth for a new era of dynamics is created. It was the induction of third stage but most vulnerable dynamics which having very fatal impacts. The nature of this dynamic is basically interrelated with the central figures of this conflict i.e. the people, leadership and political organizations across LOC.This arena indeed paved the ways wherein the conflict of JK became a very beneficial business.
In this tenure, almost every sphere of civil society, political rackets, religious, governmental and nongovernmental factors were involved at great. The emotions and involvement of civil society of course was not under any planned or to get the byproducts of conflict but it was on really true grounds. But the blue collar players have planned to engineer a system to make this conflict as profitable business. Lots of people got involved in arms business at local levels. Political organizations has used this factor has provoking factor for their political agendas.
Whereas militants across LOC has used their conflict given power for their own personal uses. The white collars had most sophisticated agenda. They have created lots of nongovernmental organization to handle the different sectors of conflict apparently but in a documented and proper way. This white collar sector has engineered a circumference with deployment and posting of likeminded terrestrial sub players. This sector has created apparently soft exterior with rigid interior. Due to improvement in communication facilities this sector was successful for interlinking across LOC and hence the similar players were deployed to create a gesture that this is really a bilateral operating mechanism. This white collar has bridged with some international organizations and hence started operating in a 5 star, sophisticated and lavishly for conflict of Jammu Kashmir. Similar white collar factor was created by the second line leadership migrated across LOC and started conflict resolution while engaging them in different business and wealth making activities. This factor has badly demolished and increased the thick layer of added dynamic. The sharing of this sector is limited to only the statements or mild agitation during any prominent day or event across LOC, balance of their activities are related to their business and money making. The white collar from both sides of LOC having similar agenda with slight modifications as per requirement of their operating mechanism but purpose is same to enjoy the conflict dynamics. So, these added layers of complicated dynamics conflict of Jammu Kashmir became more complex and inhabitants of Jammu Kashmir are in miserable conditions since last many decades.

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