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AJK govt. focusing on to promote Tourism sector

“Says setting up a just & transparent system is one of the top priorities of his government; development funds have been distributed equally amongst all constituencies, flays previous government for boosting the culture of loot and plundering; 3G and 4G service will be established soon, 512 kilometers new roads will be constructed”

S. A Haidri
Mirpur: Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (PM AJK) Raja Mohammad Farooq Haider Khan said that setting up a just & transparent system in the region was one of the top priorities of his government saying that there is “no concept of north and south we are all one”.

“In order to increase the income of Azad Kashmir, government of AJK is focused to enhance tourism sector”, the AJK PM said this while speaking at a function hosted by Mirza Tahir in lake view city of Mirpur. Ministers of State Ch. Saeed, Dr. Najeeb Naqi, Members Legislative Assembly Rukhsar Ahmed, Waqar Noor including ex MLAs and other party leaders and workers were also present.

Speaking on the occasion the AJK PM Said, “The hydropower project will provide electricity in the industrial zones established under the CPEC”. He maintained that Investment Board has been set up in Azad Kashmir, development funds have been distributed in all constituents of Azad Kashmir equally.

Prime Minister announced two day public hearing in every week, people from all the state can meet on Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 am to 5 pm.
Regarding development in Mirpur, Prime Minister said that 108 ad-hoc posts in New City Hospital have been moved up as permanent and additional 100 posts will be set for this hospital. “I will visit Mirpur again before long and call a public hearing. Mirpur to Dhan Gali, Muzaffarabad, Plaak, Kotli, Rawalakot, Dheerkot, Athmaqam Roads will further improved.”
He stated that justice and merit is the priority of our government, if we work according to our priorities, the PML-N will be able to contest and win in next elections. Party Workers’ respectable adjustments will be made after December.
Talking in Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir, Prime Minister urged that human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir have to be exposed, so that they could face the international community what they have done in occupied Kashmir, adding that he said that in this regard, the government of Pakistan and people of Pakistan have fully participated there role. “Kashmiri politicians should have a joint struggle for the Kashmir dispute, so that they can get the right to self-determination struggling for the last 70 years.” Prime Minister added.
Prime Minister termed previous tenure as worst tenure, he said, “Former government spent five years in looting the resources, Mirpur scarce land was sold like silent auction; chairman Zakat was charging rupees 1 million monthly, and we are paying 85 thousand rupees only to Zakat Chairman, we have tackled the issue of ad-hoc employees.”
“Royalty of the Mangla Dam and Neelum Jehlum Hydro Power Project will be available for Rs 1.10 money instead of 15 paisas. This amount would be incurred on development projects including Education, Health and roads.” Prime Minister reiterated.
“We are looking for new sources of income. 3G and 4G service will be established soon in the State officially, 512 kilometers new roads will be constructed .We have saved fifty million rupees by efficiently expanding in the Prime Minister Secretariat in last one year” Prime Minister stated.
Prime Minister Azad Farooq Haider Khan remarked in his speech that the PML-N government has set up targets, and the problems of all areas are resolving in this regard.
Expressing full support to PMLN leadership, The Prime Minister said that Pakistan’s situation is fine, in 2018 elections, Muslim League will succeed in majority. We are thankful to Former Prime Minister Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif owing to double the development budget of the State.

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