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Accountability for all need of the hour

The newly appointed chief of NAB (anti-corruption watch dog) Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal’s during a media interview while reiterating his pledge to root-out the menace of corruption from the country has resolved that he would take all the provinces into confidence on the accountability process as the whole country came under the scope of the bureau. The principle of “Accountability for All” he said would be strictly implemented and whosoever was found involved in corruption would face accountability. The chairman made it clear that NAB was not meant for victimization saying all out efforts would be made to restore the institution’s prestige.

“There is no doubt that the corruption and terrorism have a close link as the illegal money earned through corruption is used in terrorist activities so the menace of corruption should be rooted out from the country to make the country stronger,” the NAB chief said.
Justice Iqbal said he would personally hear people’s complaints every last Thursday of the month from 2pm to 4pm at the NAB.

NAB should work on the basis of transparency, gather evidence and complete inquiries and investigations so that corrupt elements could be sentenced by respective accountability courts, high courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan on the basis of solid proofs. “The proper prosecution of cases would enhance NAB’s reputation,” he added

The former apex court judge has highlighted some genuine aspects, which are required to meet the basic standards of accountability. Since widespread corruption has badly hampered development drive in Pakistan over the past several decades, it is high time that all those who have been involved in this insidious practice should be hold accountable for their ‘misdeeds’. Particularly there is a dire need to break the symbiotic nexus between terrorism, criminality and corruption that on one hand has damaged the social fabric of the society while on the other it has marred socio-economic development of the nation.

In the past, the anti-graft organization was criticized by all and sundry for its ‘lop-sided and selective’ accountability, however, one hopes that under the dynamic leadership of Justice Iqbal, the NAB would regain its prestige as an independent institution instead of being used as a political football. It is worth to mention here that given the multiple challenges there is a dire need to have a flawless independent accountability system in the country to initiate the much needed across the board accountability process to root out the menace of terrorism and corruption from the country. Adhering to the principle of what the honourble justice said as ‘Accountability for all’ is the need of the hour as no nation or society can prosper without eliminating corruption, which happens to be the biggest evil of the society.

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